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Game Overview

You know the tricks of the trade. You are one of them. The time has finally come, the day of delivery. Use your intuition and skills as a deliveryman to outsmart and outplay your fellow industry peers while still completing your own deliveries as well.

Choose from 6 delivery companies and deliver your way to victory. Sabotage friends, earn deliveries and get achievement cards to become the best in the trade.

An action packed and tactical game guaranteed to get you hooked!


Card Game, Logistics, Parody

Release Date

October 01, 2019


Seitlich Games

Win achievement cards & deliver defeat 

Achievement cards give you big advantages and helps you win the game.

Second sight [coming soon]

Second Sight is looking wicked with amazing gameplay and graphics. It’s not released yet and although we aren’t saying much, it is going to be legendary!

– Stay Tuned!


Seitlich Games
Seitlich Games
1Year Anniversary! Get your favourite local games now!
Seitlich Games
Seitlich Games
The full episode of the interview! Support Local! It starts around 2/3 the way in!
Seitlich Games
Seitlich Games
Will be posting a snippet soon but heres a pic!

Our Blog

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Hey guys! The last game convention was pretty good and we managed to showcase our game in development to a few more people. Our prototype set however is getting worse for wear. While we have slowly upgraded it from fish grills to magnetic board, we still can improve...

Game Updates! Bloody BIG Event coming up!

It's been awhile since a post but there's been progress! Featuring the sketches from our artists Michie and Lizzie! It's been a busy month (more to do with our real lives) and so we hope to be able to put in more hours into the game...

Those damn rules!

Ever had trouble writing the rules to the game? Unable to put your thoughts into words? Same problem over here at Seitlich Games! This post has nothing to do with teaching how to write good rules. Here's a link if you want good advice: https://youtu.be/BR1pg5Qsqkc Why...

SOGCON! Singles day

Heya! It's been awhile since we've updated but recently we attended the SOGCON - Singapore Open Games CONvention! For the first time we showed off our game though we were pretty unprepared. Lots of things were learnt and hopefully our next showcase we'll do a better...

Website Back Online – YAY!

Heya~! Well the website has been down for awhile as we have switch servers and so all the old posts have disappeared. Thus I re-posted the older stuff (I'm not sure how to change the date of the post so they all are posted today :D) Hopefully I will post more things...

Starting out as an indie

Well so far we can't really call ourselves an indie since we haven't published the game we are slowly getting the hang of it (I think). There have been some problems popping out here and there but so far we're still on track. Having the support of another person is...

Game Review – WONGAMANIA

As part of our patriotic duty, we the creators of Seitlich Games came to the conclusion that we should review some local games, in the spirit of patriotism of course! So here we go on our review of the game! (My partner and I have differing opinions but since I'm...

Website Started

Hello Guys! It's the start of Seitlich Games's new website! We will be posting some of our game updates as well as game reviews and other stuff every week, so check back for more! Since it's Singapore's National day, as a patriotic citizen we will be going some...