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Starting out as an indie | Seitlich Games

Well so far we can’t really call ourselves an indie since we haven’t published the game we are slowly getting the hang of it (I think). There have been some problems popping out here and there but so far we’re still on track. Having the support of another person is really important is what I’ve realised. Without my partner i would be quite useless 🙂

Anyway back to the topic, some things I’ve realised on this short journey so far. As an indie designer or just a creator in general, it is important to just write down whatever ideas you have and store it somewhere. You never know when it might become useful or when you will fully develop the idea. For our first planned game, it was more of a random thought on why there were fps and 3ps but no second person shooter. This slowly developed from a video game idea into a board game idea.

The second thing would be to take the first step. You have to get out of your comfort zone if you want to improve. Get out more and do things you are not used to. It may not even be something uncomfortable, but taking the first step in realising your dream. If you don’t take the first step, you will never achieve your dreams or goals.

After taking the first step there is a lot to do. Though we really haven’t kept to our deadlines and timeline, we try to keep to it and slowly are reaching the mid-goal. Try to keep a timeline of things to do. Planning and keeping to it is very important. Time management is far more important than what i thought. Discipline is seriously lacking in me and I’m starting to suffer the consequences ;'(

Next is to accept criticism. While you do not have to agree with everything someone tells you, you should take their feedback seriously and ponder over it. That does not mean taking in all their suggestions. If that was the case it would not be a game you designed but one by the masses. It will end up very messy and even frustrating to design. Have in mind the kind of game you wish to create first. While you should take suggestions to improve the game, just remember that too many chefs can spoil the soup. Everyone has a different philosophy on game design so don’t be too quick to absorb another persons suggestion in to your game. In the same vein, don’t be too quick to judge if a criticism or suggestion is bad and ignore it.

The hardest part for us so far is building a base. We have no game yet and have no background for people to see who we really are. Nor can they judge whether our games will be good or not. That is something we are working on and we’re trying to slowly build our base now by posting more in the forums and getting our name out. If you are just doing it to gather sales then I think it will not work out well. More than pushing out your game, it is about community. So far we have managed to join a few groups which are quite friendly and are willing to hear us out. More than anything, as an indie creator, it is about communicating with the community as that is where the base audience starts.

Well that is all for this post! It may not be totally accurate as we are also just starting out and reading more experienced designers may be more beneficial. But thanks to the readers if anyone is reading! And please continue to support us!

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