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SOGCON! Singles day | Seitlich Games

Heya! It’s been awhile since we’ve updated but recently we attended the SOGCON – Singapore Open Games CONvention!

For the first time we showed off our game though we were pretty unprepared. Lots of things were learnt and hopefully our next showcase we’ll do a better job.

So first up we did not really prepare well as most of our art is still in progress. Even our banner was still printing so basically we were there with just a prototype of the game and no banners! Luckily the organizers were really supportive and helped to advertise our small both 😀

One thing we learnt was to showcase a demo instead of the full game, which was what we were doing at the start. After spying and stealing glances at other booths we realised that showing the full game didn’t really make much sense. First off is the time issue. A full game may last for 30 minutes or more while a demo might only take 5-10 minutes. If there are a lot people it helps to prepare a demo version which can increase the turnover so more people can try the game. The main purpose is to showcase the game, not to test the game, there is a big difference.

Another thing was advertising the booth. SOGCON was a relatively small event where a lot of people knew each other so it wasn’t so much of an issue this time but we did realise that having a nice banner which stands out is pretty important. Not just the big stuff like posters and banners but also how you set up the booth. It needs to be eye-catching. People seem to like neatness so make sure the table is not cluttered and make sure it’s easy to reset your table after a demo (our demo table was the same table as our booth). I;m not really sure but i think i should have smiled more as well 😀

Overall it was an interesting experience and we learnt quite a lot. The next time we go for a convention, we will have more experience under our belt to make the experience better for both the patrons and ourselves.

Here are some pics at SOGCON



PS – There will be another game convention in Singapore soon. Details will be up on our Facebook,  Twitter and website!

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