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Those damn rules! | Seitlich Games

Ever had trouble writing the rules to the game? Unable to put your thoughts into words? Same problem over here at Seitlich Games!

This post has nothing to do with teaching how to write good rules. Here’s a link if you want good advice: https://youtu.be/BR1pg5Qsqkc

Why is it so hard to write good rules?! When we explain it in person the players seem to get in but when we chuck a new group the rules and ask them to play the game according to what is written they get totally confused. Editing the rules trying to make it as succinct as possible yet somehow still confusing people after each draft! It really gets to you.

It always seems easy until you get to it and so far it’s been pretty rough. Our game is a bit unique so we can;t really reference other games and how their rules are. While the structure can be copied, the flow of the rules  don;t really fit! Looks like its back to the writing board for me and time to play more games!

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