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Slowly upgrading the set | Seitlich Games

Hey guys! The last game convention was pretty good and we managed to showcase our game in development to a few more people. Our prototype set however is getting worse for wear. While we have slowly upgraded it from fish grills to magnetic board, we still can improve on the prototype for demos and show cases.

Here is a side by side comparison to show what it used to be 😀 We started from fish grills and magnets and cardboard before slowly upgrading to laminated paper and magnetic boards. A lot of the pieces we use come from prototype 1 with our current model at prototype 2.5.

Pictures on trays for grilling fish, courtesy of Daiso. (We love Daiso)
A five player game at B.I.G.

Most of what is left before we can release the game is actually the art. The rules, theme and maps have been somewhat confirmed. We are also working on creating a more intuitive UI so players will be able to track their movement better. A nice addition from the previous demo we did is that we prepared paper and pens beforehand to make it easier to keep track of positioning. In the future we might remove it though, especially for more experienced players. (It helps the memory as well keeping our brains healthy and happy!)

We will be planning to demo the game again on the 5th of Jan 2019. Once details are out we will be posting more information on our website and twitter so stay tuned! By then we should be able to showcase the full lineup of characters and will more closely resemble what the actual board game will look like apart from the magnetic board (The whiteboard was expensive). So that means new placement tiles, new character cards, new turn order tracker (with intuitive phase tracking), new ammo tokens and new maps!

Well that may be a lot to achieve so less procrastinating and more doing work!

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