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About Us | Seitlich Games

Our Company


We Create Engaging Experiences

Our Story

We first met in 2005 as classmates and got to know each other though various video games. Ever since then we enjoyed gaming but never thought of starting a business of creating games.We first met in 2005 as classmates and got to know each other though various video games. Ever since then we enjoyed gaming but never thought of starting a business of creating games.
Years went by and due to a mutual friend we met up once again and caught up talking about games. It was around that time that i had an idea for a game but didn’t really take any action on that. I game him a brief explanation on the idea i had and Perry thought it was a good idea. We talked more about it and thought maybe it would be an interesting game to show the world.
I had more of an inclination towards tabletop games while Perry was more inclined to video games. Despite the differences we wanted to try to create a game unique to the industry, putting a spin to the usual or current trend. This translated into the inspriation for our name, a company name. What we wanted was to create unique, interesting and fun games. What was needed was more than just the usual. What was needed was lateral thinking. Inputting ideas from all sorts of weird places, be it from real life or our inane imagination. Lateral games souded a bit off and didn’t really flow and we also wanted a company name which truly described where we were from and what we are doing. Perry’s sister so happened to be in Germany at the time and as a random suggestion we tried Seitlich – meaning sideways or lateral. The name also fit perfectly as the acronym was SG, which also was an acronym for Singapore. That was how the company received its name and in July 2018 we registered the company in Singapore.

This is the story of our origin and we hope to not just be a maker of games but a maker of dreams and happiness.

Our Vision

To reach the forefront of the tabletop gaming industry, creating new and interesting ways to have fun.

Mission:To bridge the gap between casual and serious gamers and bringing a multitude of personalities together to play games.

Our Team


Perry Poh

Perry enjoys fishing, long walks at the beach and on occasion, creating games. As  an avid gamer, he loves both digital and analog.

From powergrid to company of heroes; camel cup to monster rancher, he loves trying new things and experiences.

Perry has always wanted to create his own games and since beginning his venture into game design, he is loving every moment of it. That, however, does not stop him from enjoying new releases and spending days on end trying to achieve 100% completion or figuring out tactics that would give him an advantage!


Song Yi Jie

With various life experiences, the mind Yijie is filled with a slew of random and inane ideas. Brought up in a foreign country before being shipped back to the rigid and uptight Singapore, rules have always been an issue and loopholes and rule bending is what he excels at.

With many hobbies including and not limited to: violin, weiqi, chinese opera, baking, tearing paper etc. he has met a wide variety of personalities and has mixed around all sorts of people. Empathy is one of his strong points and he uses it to put himself in the player’s shoes trying to improve the experience when immersed in the game.

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