OTM Fall Marketplace Vendor Info & Application

1. Set-up hours are Friday, November 5th, noon through 7:00PM and from 7AM through 9:30 AM Saturday, November 6th. Vendors are to provide their own tent, tables, and chairs and be prepared rain or shine.

2. Booths must be open and ready for the public at 9:30 am. Saturday. Booth must be attended by vendor or his authorized representative during all show hours. Dealers will not shut down until the show closes at 5:00PM on Saturday. Dealers will be responsible for removal of all trash from their booth space before vacating the premises.

3. Security will be provided Friday night, but dealers accept full responsibility for all losses, damage, and injuries that may occur to themselves, associates, employees, guests, personal property, or inventory. Dealer releases Seitlichgames, LLC its officers and representatives (hereinafter referred to as OTM) from any liability and losses, damage, or injuries.

4. Accepted vendors will include, but not be limited to antiques, vintage, collectible, and/or suitable to the character of the Seitlichgames brand. (www.seitlichgames.com) Craft items are to be handmade and represent an Antique and or primitive item. OTM reserves the right to refuse any merchandise deemed inappropriate for the festival.

5. The dealer expressly warrants that the goods sold to any purchaser are what the dealer represents they are. If the goods sold are not what the dealer represents, they are, the dealer shall refund the full sales price to the purchaser. If any purchaser brings a lawsuit in law or equity against OTM for any goods which are not what was represented at the sale through dealer's intentional gross negligence or negligent conduct, dealer hereby agrees to indemnify OTM for any loss’ sustained by OTM from said action and/or indemnification, including attorney's fees.

6. All dealer tables must be covered, and booths must be neat in appearance and free of litter. Dealers will be responsible for their own sales and collecting and reporting of sales tax.

7. No food or drink sales will be permitted other than by registered food vendors and OTM.

8. No smoking within display / sale area. This is for the comfort of customers and surrounding dealers.

9. Dealers must stay within designated space. Exceeding outside of space will constitute in an additional rental fee unless approved by OTM.

10. Payment must be made in full to ensure a booth space is available and confirmed. OTM will not "hold" booth space. There will be a €35.00 returned check fee.

11. Food Trucks, Boutique Trailers etc. will be assigned to the Pavilion Yard Spaces, please make sure to signify your required space needs. Generators will be required in these spaces, provided by the vendor.

12. Available Booth Opportunities: Please mark your preference, if requesting more than one space please specify.

13. All spaces in Pavilion Yard must be tented and weighted.

10 x 10 Space Pavilion Yard  (Tent Provided by Vendor)  



10 x 16  Pavilion Space (60 Available, Includes Electric, Shared Between 2 Spaces)  



Interested in being a vendor at the Seitlichgames Fall Marketplace?